Welcome to Cottenham Parish Council

Cottenham is a Fen Edge village approximately 6 miles north of Cambridge. It is a large village of around 2500 households and a population of 6200.


The Parish Council is made up of 15 Councillors and a Clerk. The Council meet every month for a full Council Meeting and twice a month for Planning Meetings. Notification of meetings plus agenda can always be found on the parish notice boards, at least three days prior to a meeting and on this web site.

Neighbourhood Plan – options

Thank you to everyone for their feedback so far. The Working Party has been busy setting out options to close the gaps identified in the survey. It's safe to say that some are more radical than others, however it may be that radical solutions are the only way to sort out our traffic and housing challenges. We now need to get some further comments from you about these options.  Please click here to go to the slides and send us your  Read More...

WARG Field

WARG Field, the new public amenity land gifted to Cottenham, is located behind the new houses on the right side of Histon Road as you head out of the village. It has now been fenced and is secure, therefore making it safe for kids to run around or to walk dogs (please remember to tidy up after your dog!) We need to do some work to tidy up the existing trees and then in the autumn will look to start  Read More...

How being in a conservation area can affect you

Although conservation areas mean some extra planning controls and considerations, these exist to protect the historic and architectural elements which make the place special. They are most likely to affect owners who want to work on the outside of their building or any trees on their property. To find out whether your property is within the Cottenham Conservation Area please click here

Your House

Being in a conservation area might mean that your house is affected by special controls (called 'Article 4  Read More...

UK Power Networks: Priority Service Register

In the event of an emergency, whether that is a power cut, issue with UKPN equipment or even roadworks, it is important that people (especially vulnerable residents) have easy access to the UKPN emergency contact details. They run a free Priority Services Register (PSR) for those who may need more support in the event of a power cut. Every resident over the age of 60 would be eligible  Read More...

Notice of competition: Grant towards public art in Cottenham

Reputable Cottenham-based organisations are invited to apply for a grant towards the commissioning and installation for public view in Cottenham a piece of original art . You will need to:

    • apply by email on or before 7th June, 2016
    • commission and install the original art work within 12 months of this agreement
    • ensure that appropriate permissions are available for any images used of real people
    • provide free public access to the art work on at least six occasions in each year
    • maintain or develop 

Neighbourhood Plan workshop – 23rd March

We'll be holding a further Neighbourhood Plan workshop today from 7.30pm - 9pm in the Village Hall. Come along to see the key findings and add some more comments to the first poster series or just challenge some of the emerging options.  Read More...

The Dog Poo Fairy

The Dog Poo Fairy has been out around the village. Following a spike in complaints about dog fouling we will be using biodegradable marker paint to 'highlight' any issues. Please contact either Jo ( or Sam ( to report a problem and one of our lovely Dog Poo Fairies will be dispatched as fast as their wings can carry them. We researched using the paint and discussed with other parishes before taking the decision to purchase. For transparency we resolved  Read More...

NP Theme 5: Traffic & Transport Infrastructure; Rural Character & Heritage

NP Theme 5: Traffic & Transport Infrastructure; Rural Character & Heritage. This is the last of the presentation slides. Keep your ideas/comments coming. Slide6  Read More...

NP Theme 4: Safety & Security: Flooding & Drainage, Rural Character & Heritage.

NP Theme 4: Safety & Security: Flooding & Drainage, Rural Character & Heritage. Please let us know your ideas/suggestions. Slide5  Read More...

NP Theme 3: Leisure/Sports Facilities, Rural Character/Heritage.

NP Theme 3: Leisure/Sports Facilities, Rural Character/Heritage. How do we keep our village identity? 63% of people want a swimming pool but where should it go and how do we fund it? Please give us your ideas/suggestions - you can also do this via our Facebook page. Slide4  Read More...