Dog fouling

Following a rise in complaints about dog fouling we’re instigating a number of additional measures.  Firstly we have joined the Keep Britain Tidy ‘We’re Watching You’ campaign.  This is an edgy and uncompromising signage campaign. The ‘We’re Watching You’ series are visible after dark, using innovative and cutting-edge materials. The signs ‘charge up’ during the day and glow-in-the-dark at night.

The hard-hitting signs are deliberately impactful, and the campaign aims to provide a realistic, cost-effective solution for local authorities.  We have ordered 10 A3 signs and some stickers which will be put in various hotspots around the village.

For a more immediate solution we’ve also got a more quirky poster which can be used by residents in windows/on your fence.  A copy of the poster can be downloaded here.

Additionally if you would like to become a Dog Poo Fairy (the purveyors of pink spray paint!) please contact us.


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