September Issues Log

We receive a very wide range of queries every month from residents which are logged and reported to the Full Council. To give you a better of idea of what we get up to ‘behind the scenes’ we’ll now be sharing this information (contact details will be withheld). Below is a list of the issues received during September.

DateIssueFurther detailsFollow up
September 5, 2017Dog messResident (name withheld) is going around telling people that he is afiliated with CPC and accusing them of letting their dogs foul.PCSO notified.
September 5, 2017Abandoned vehicleSilver car with no number plates parked near Cross Keys Court junction. Police not interested and told her to inform local councilReferred to SCDC Envirocrime
September 5, 2017Dog binBin next to doctors on High St hasn't been emptiedReferred to SCDC
September 6, 2017Dog binBin outside All Saints Church hasn't been emptiedReferred to SCDC
September 3, 2017Ditch on Bullfinch WayDitch adjoining property not being maintained and is causing issues with overhanging vegetationCPC section of ditch to be cleared however the majority belongs to neighbouring development site.
September 8, 2017Manhole coverExtreme weather has caused cover to come up from the road and water is pouring outRectified when water subsided.
September 8, 2017Coolidge noticeboardNoticeboard has been delivered but is incorrect - has lock on it which isn't requiredContacted supplier
September 11, 2017Fallen treeTree fallen onto pavement at the top of BGWGroundsman to clear
September 11, 2017Criminal activityGroup of travellers have attempted to break into the old chicken farm site. Resident managed to move them on and has blocked the entrance with hardcore.PCSO notified. Will patrol the area
September 12, 2017Boy racersCars racing up and down Broad Lane late at nightPCSO notified. Will patrol the area
September 12, 2017Rough sleepers2 people, inc. one in wheelchair, slept on the Rec the previous nightSCDC Cllr Harford notified for advice
September 12, 2017Boy racersCars racing up and down Rook St early hours of the morningPCSO notified. Will patrol the area
September 12, 2017Lost model planePlane lost whilst flying on the Rec; has come down somewhere near Broad Lane/Tenison Manor.Plane was noted as found at the end of August and resident will follow up directly.
September 18, 2017Great North Fen bridgePedestrian gate on drove towards Smithy Fen has been lockedGroundsman to investigate
September 18, 2017Old Labour HallWorks being undertaken to tree. No tree application has been submittedWill check with Enforcement
September 22, 2017Wilkin WalkNettles overgrowing onto the pathway at CPS endReported to County
September 21, 2017Leopold WalkTrees overgrowing on passagewayNeighbour has already applied to works to pollard
September 26, 2017Village GreenStandpipe being used by circus; there is a £1k fine for the user! Either need to consider getting permanent supply (which can be locked) at a cost of approx £1k or rent standpipe (min. 1 month) at a cost of £83.90 + VAT + refundable deposit
September 26, 2017Street cleaningRoads/pavements between Broad Lane & church need sweepingBeen passed to SCDC/County
September 27, 2017Amey CespaSmell coming from Amey CespaPassed on contact number
September 28, 2017Road maintenanceWanted to find out who is responsible for upkeep of Church Lane ie half way down where it is almost becoming impassable on foot and on bike! Have walked down to Long Drove for many yrs but vehicles are churning it up and each year it worsens. Also someone has dumped loads of bags in the hedgerow. Road is largely unadopted apart from a small section at the church end which is maintained by County. Envirocrime notified of fly tipping
September 28, 2017PotholeLarge pothole on Tower Close - approx 3" deep and 18" sqReported to County
September 29, 2017Planning queryWould like to change driveway material from gravel to block pavingAdvised to contact SCDC Duty Planning Officer
September 29, 2017Rec car parkPeople are driving into the roped off part of the car park from side-on, the spaces look free) and then discovering they can't park there, which leads to a lot of unnecessary manoeuvring in the car park. Bollards being put in place during afternoon school run.Have spoken to Groundsman to request bollards are put out after school run

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