Welcome to Cottenham Parish Council

Cottenham is a Fen Edge village approximately 6 miles north of Cambridge. It is a large village of around 2500 households and a population of 6200.


The Parish Council is made up of 15 Councillors and a Clerk. The Council meet every month for a full Council Meeting and twice a month for Planning Meetings. Notification of meetings plus agenda can always be found on the parish notice boards, at least three days prior to a meeting and on this web site.

Cottenham Village Hall (002)
Cottenham Village Hall (002)

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events

A full line up of events in Cottenham across the Jubilee weekend.

Thursday 2nd June - Jubilee Beacons from 7pm

Cottenham Recreation Ground

The Beacon will be lit on the evening of Thursday 2nd June and is one of thousands being lit in the UK and the Commonwealth, and forms part of the official programme announced by Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee Weekend. All official elements of the event will take place at the same  Read More...

3 new councillors

Following an uncontested Parish Council election, we are pleased to welcome Anne Moller, Rachel Myer and Alison Wedgbury to the Council. They will be joined by Tim Jones (our new Chair), Gemma Bailey, Nigel Bolitho, Rex Collinson, Jonathan Graves, Peter Hewitt, Tracy Hutchison (our Vice Chair), Mary Kidston, John Loveluck, and Christine Ward. We thank Peter Hewitt for taking the helm over the past year; he can now look forward to spending a bit more time on his allotment!  Read More...

Cottenham Annual Parish Meeting

Every English Parish shall have a Parish Meeting. All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting between the dates of 1st March and 1st June (inclusive). This is not a Council meeting but a meeting of registered electors. The Annual Parish Meeting for Cottenham is taking place on Monday 25th April at 7pm in the Village Hall. Please come along to meet and chat with other residents and council members. Refreshments  Read More...

Toddler playground consultation

As part of our budget for 2022/23 we have set aside some money towards the provision of a new toddler playground. We have hired a specialist playground consultant to help us get the tenders together but in the meantime we need feedback from residents as to what they'd like. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the consultation form Additionally to support grant applications we need letters of support from residents stating why we need the playground. Please  Read More...

January Full Council meeting – update

January is when we set our budget and parish precept for the next financial year. The precept for 2022/23 has been set at £319,855. This represents a 3.13% increase, equivalent to £126.82 per year on a Band D property (a rise of £3.86 on the previous year). In terms of capital projects over the next year we are looking at: a new toddler play area, external repairs to the Ladybirds building, installing  Read More...

2022 Meeting dates

Please find below a list of our meeting dates for the first 6 months of the year. In accordance with the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, the public are welcome to attend our meetings. NB: due to it being an election year the May full council meeting must be held within 14 days of the election hence the later date of the meeting. JAN 11th - Full 18th – CALF 20th – Planning 25th Highways 27th – FLAC FEB 1st - Full 17th – Planning 22nd - FLAC MARCH 1st  Read More...

Flooding advice

The Parish Council has an emergency flood plan in place, with 2 Flood Officers - Cllrs Jonathan Graves and Christine Ward.  We have a very limited amount of flood equipment which we are able to issue to residents in an emergency situation. Please contact 07503 328401 or

Sandbags and other help

It is recommended that property owners or businesses at risk of flooding make their own arrangements of sandbags in advance of flooding. Residents can purchase empty sandbags and  Read More...

Friends Against Scams

We're delighted to sign up to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Against Scams Partnership (CAPASP).  CAPASP is urging people to become a Friend Against Scams. It’s simple to do, will take just 20 minutes of your time and will equip you with the knowledge and awareness to protect yourself and others from the dangers of scams and fraud. Visit Read More...

Cottenham Community Directory

We're delighted to announce that the first formal edition of the Cottenham Community Directory is now available to download.  The Parish Council, in conjunction with South Cambridgeshire District Council, has created this directory of clubs, associations, facilities and events to provide residents with everything you need to know to be able to fully enjoy being part of the Cottenham community. We hope you find the information useful and informative. Cottenham Community Directory – May 2019 NB: the directory will be  Read More...

Reporting crime

There are various methods available to contact the police whether to report crime or concerns:


Web chat is 24 hour service and can be accessed by clicking the green icon displayed at the bottom right of the screen throughout our website (  It also works on mobile devices and tablets. You can also report crimes (assault, anti-social behaviour, damage, fraud, harassment or theft) online and receive a response  Read More...