Welcome to Cottenham Parish Council

Cottenham is a Fen Edge village approximately 6 miles north of Cambridge. It is a large village of around 2500 households and a population of 6200.


The Parish Council is made up of 15 Councillors and a Clerk. The Council meet every month for a full Council Meeting and twice a month for Planning Meetings. Notification of meetings plus agenda can always be found on the parish notice boards, at least three days prior to a meeting and on this web site.

Cottenham Community Catalogue

We've been working with SCDC to produce a welcome pack for new residents.  As part of this process we've been collating details of clubs and organisations in Cottenham.  A few other bits have been added too including doctors, schools, general facilities etc.  The document is still very much in a rough format; there are gaps to fill but as far as the clubs and groups in the village are concerned this is the most comprehensive list available currently. Cottenham  Read More...

Opportunity to tender – car park extension

The project tender for the Recreation Ground car park extension has now gone live. Full details available here:  Read More...

2019/20 Precept

At the Full Council meeting on 8th January a budget for 2019/20 was set of £175,598.  There is a ‘supplementary precept’ of £123,058 to cover the loan costs towards the new Village Hall and Nursery.  £10k will be used from reserves.  The result is a precept for 2019/20 of £288,656 (equivalent to £121.97 on a Band D home) and a reduction of approximately 10%.  The background details are all in the  Read More...

Reporting crime

There are various methods available to contact the police whether to report crime or concerns:


Web chat is 24 hour service and can be accessed by clicking the green icon displayed at the bottom right of the screen throughout our website (  It also works on mobile devices and tablets. You can also report crimes (assault, anti-social behaviour, damage, fraud, harassment or theft) online and receive a response  Read More...

Material Planning Considerations

When making planning decisions we have to respond using material planning considerations.  A list of considerations is shown in the attachment below. MATERIAL PLANNING REASONS  Read More...

Cottenham Community Flood Plan

Cottenham Parish Council’s Drainage Working Party has prepared a Community Flood Plan which identifies areas of the parish most at risk and the resources available to help in the event of a flood. Jonathan Graves has volunteered to be Flood Coordinator and has immense experience of flood planning and monitoring through his involvement with the Old West Internal Drainage Board. In recognition of improving the parish’s preparedness, the Environment Agency has given the Parish Council’s flood team a selection  Read More...

Location of dog bins

As a useful guide for dog owners we've produced a map detailing the locations of all the dog bins in the village.  They are widely placed around the village so there's no excuse for fouling on the streets.  Please report any issues (broken/missing/missing collections) to SCDC. Map of dog bins      Read More...

How being in a conservation area can affect you

Although conservation areas mean some extra planning controls and considerations, these exist to protect the historic and architectural elements which make the place special. They are most likely to affect owners who want to work on the outside of their building or any trees on their property. To find out whether your property is within the Cottenham Conservation Area please click here

Your House

Being in a conservation area might mean that your house is affected by special controls (called 'Article 4  Read More...

Guide to the planning process

We're often asked about the Parish input into planning applications and how applications are decided.  Below is a brief guide:

Planning Applications are determined by South Cambridgeshire District Council. Whilst Cottenham Parish Council is entitled to comment on planning applications it cannot make a decision on them.  Current planning applications in the Parish are searchable on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website.  The Agenda for Parish Planning Committee Meetings with details of the planning applications to be discussed can be  Read More...