20mph zones – update

20mph Zones Update November 2023

We were pleased to hear in October that our application to County Highways for funding for a 20mph zone in the centre of the village was successful. Our application was particularly strong, scoring the highest marks out of all applications received. Our thanks to CCC Cllr Gough and SCDC Cllr Wilson for their support in putting together the application.

Draft plans have now been received from the project officer at the County Council and published on our website: https://www.cottenhampc.org.uk/20mph-zone
The draft design provides locations of planned signage, roundels, and buffer zones.

The design is not final, and the Parish Council’s Highways Committee will be reviewing the plans at their next meeting on 28th November and providing feedback to CCC. Please send any comments you have to the Assistant Clerk: asstclerk@cottenham-pc.gov.uk or by hand to Cottenham Village Hall, Recreation Ground, Lambs Lane (post box right side of building) or by attending the Highways Committee meeting on 28th November