Milton Household Recycling Centre

A reminder: From Monday 29 June all residents wishing to visit the Milton HRC have needed to pre-book a time slot.

The operatives at the site have been taking a ‘light touch’ approach to enforcement and have still been allowing people who turn up without an appointment, if possible, to dispose of the waste they have brought. Despite an increase in the number of slots available, the numbers of people doing this is now sufficiently high for this to have become difficult to manage. However, we cannot continue maintaining two traffic marshalls indefinitely.

Thus this reminder that bookings can be made on line at…/booking-system-for-hous… (or use this abbreviated link:)

Alternatively, for those without internet access the phone number is: 0345 045 5207 It is simple and quick to make a booking (but please avoid making multiple bookings, to allow other people to use the service too) and avoid the frustration of being turned away.

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