Adoption of the Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan

Following adoption of the Plan by SCDC at their meeting on 20th May, we would like to take a few moments to reflect on what has been achieved and thank those who have contributed so significantly to the official Making of our Neighbourhood Plan.  Our thanks go to our previous Council Chair, Frank Morris, who was the driving force behind the development of the Plan and to assistance given by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party of Cllrs Collinson, Young, Ward and the late Tony Nicholas and to the Parish Council Clerk Jo Brook for the administrative support.  Thanks also goes to our District Councillors Neil Gough and Eileen Wilson and in particular Senior Planning Policy Officer Alison Talkington for guiding the Plan through the process of approval by South Cambridgeshire District Council.  Most importantly we would like to thank the Cottenham Parishioners who voted 88% in favour of the Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan started its journey in 2015 and went through 7 major revisions prior to being Made.  Cottenham is a unique village of 6,500 residents and provides a link between Cambridge and the Fen Edge communities and the Plan provides policy’s for the conserving the village character, providing new and affordable homes, encouraging local employment and improving local amenities and facilities.  The need for these policies and to bring additional protection back to the Village has been demonstrated by the nearly 600 speculative build houses which have been granted planning permission since the Plan first started to develop.  The Parish Council are looking forward to working in partnership with the SCDC Planning team to implement the Plans policies as Cottenham continues to grow and develop over the next decade.

Photo credit: Peter Haigh

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