Anglian Water drop-in sessions

A reminder that the Anglian Water drop-in sessions about the forthcoming High Street sewer upgrade works are taking place today and tomorrow in the Village Hall (ground floor Lounge) from 4-8pm. They will have staff available to show you plans and answer any questions you may have.
NB: the bar will be closed tomorrow night.
For further info about the works please go to: cottenham-newsletter-online.pdf (


2 comments on “Anglian Water drop-in sessions

  1. Is the parish council planning to organise village parking for those in Broad Lane and beyond who will be marooned by the sewer upgrade and will not be able to get to work? And what arrangements will be made for those who come to the Broad Lane industrial estates by car?

    • We’re not able to organise any alternative parking arrangements unfortunately – we don’t have the time or resources. There has been much mention of using the Rec however this is needed for existing users from babies through to the elderly and they need to be able to park to use the nursery, Ladybirds, Kds Club, sports pitches, Village Hall activities etc. The diversion is the only option for those wanting to access the industrial estate. At the end of the day it’s better that we are at least prepared for the closure rather than having the sewer suddenly collapse and an unplanned closure forced on us. The works are critical and Anglian are doing all they can to complete as quickly as possible.

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