Beach Road – update as at 12/08/20

We have been advised by the County Council that emergency repair works to Beach Road will be undertaken overnight between 8pm 14th August and 6am on 15th August. The road will be CLOSED during the period.

Our County Cllr, Tim Wotherspoon, has receive the following background information from Highways:

“Following the initial heat damage to the road surface, we have requested that plenty of warning signs are placed along the road in both directions to give users of the public highway plenty of warning about the road surface.

We met with a specialist contractor onsite, and we propose to use them to blast the lumps and fatted up areas to try to achieve a more consistent surface. We will also have a patching crew onsite to carry out repairs to any areas that may not be suitable for the above process to deal with. The work will be carried out under an emergency night closure. As soon as I have a date I will let you and the parish know.

This is obviously only a short term repair, to leave the road with nothing that meets the CCC Investigation levels under HOS (Highways Operational Standards).

We are actively looking into a more permanent solution for Beach Road, and I will update you on this in the near future.”

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