Cottenham Community Flood Plan

Cottenham Parish Council’s Drainage Working Party has prepared a Community Flood Plan which identifies areas of the parish most at risk and the resources available to help in the event of a flood. Jonathan Graves has volunteered to be Flood Coordinator and has immense experience of flood planning and monitoring through his involvement with the Old West Internal Drainage Board. In recognition of improving the parish’s preparedness, the Environment Agency has given the Parish Council’s flood team a selection of flood prevention equipment including a submersible pump, torches and a limited supply of FloodSax and Hydrosnakes (modern equivalents of sand bags).

It is still worth remembering that the risk of flooding from surface water run-off is higher than from river flooding. However, because it is harder to forecast than river flooding and can affect almost any part of the village, it is still recommended that all households:
• register for flood and severe weather alerts
• have a household flood plan
• be aware of any vulnerable neighbours and check whether they need help
• buy their own supply of flood protection such as FloodSax and Hydrosnakes

If you are interested in becoming a flood volunteer, for example to help in the event of an evacuation or to check whether vulnerable residents need help, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07503328401 or email

Cottenham Parish Flood Plan 2018

Flood warning information service

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