Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan

The independent Examiner has sent us his final report in which, subject to a number of relatively small changes, he recommends that it is put to a referendum in the parish of Cottenham. We will now edit the Submission Plan to absorb his recommendations and South Cambridgeshire District Council will arrange the referendum, probably in February. If a majority of you vote for it, it will be a significant part of local decision-making on planning applications. Even now, some account will be taken of its endorsed policies.

The “referendum version” of the plan:

·         increases the protection offered to parts of our landscape, heritage assets, village character – from alterations and extensions to new build, and various green spaces around the village

·         extends the village’s development framework to acknowledge recent planning permissions, sets out some design criteria for the large sites and identifies several brownfield sites for housing

·         sets out the need for a new Medical Centre, Village Hall, Nursery and Supermarket alongside better sports facilities and extensions to the burial grounds

·         identifies some opportunities for increased employment both in and beyond the village boundary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to, or challenges its development over recent years.

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