Council owned land & property

Cottenham Parish Council is responsible for various sites and buildings around the village.

The Village Green (High Street)

Old Village Green, Broad Lane

Old Village Green, Broad Lane

Fen Reeves

Fen Reeves Community Wood, Twentypence Road

The Moat

The Moat, off Tenison Manor

WARG Field (off Histon Road)

WARG Field (off Histon Road)

Cottenham War memorial

Cottenham War Memorial

cottenham sign

Village sign on the corner of Lambs Lane/High Street

Recreation Ground including car park, playground, skatepark and tennis courts (off Lambs Lane)


Playground on the recreation ground

Skatepark on the Recreation Ground

Grass tennis courts at the Recreation Ground

  • The Village Hall (Recreation Ground, off Lambs Lane)
  • The Pavilion (Recreation Ground, off Lambs Lane)
  • Ladybird Pre-School (Recreation Ground, off Lambs Lane)
  • Chestnut Nursery (Recreation Ground, off Lambs Lane)
  • Bus Shelters (Lambs Lane, High Street & Histon Road)
  • Open spaces on Brenda Gautrey Way, Tenison Manor the The Dunnocks
  • The Landing Stage (off Smithy Fen)
  • Land to rear of Dissenters Cemetery (Harlestones Road)
  • The Pound public car park (High Street, opposite Shaun’s newsagents)
  • The Pond (High Street/Broad Lane junction
  • Town Ground (Twentypence Road)

Full Asset Register of land/buildings.

Map of Cottenham showing PC owned land

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