January Full Council meeting – update

January is when we set our budget and parish precept for the next financial year. The precept for 2022/23 has been set at £319,855. This represents a 3.13% increase, equivalent to £126.82 per year on a Band D property (a rise of £3.86 on the previous year). In terms of capital projects over the next year we are looking at: a new toddler play area, external repairs to the Ladybirds building, installing cycle racks by the Sports Pavilion, and increasing our youth budget (such as for the Connections youth bus).
We realise how squeezed everyone’s household budgets are and the parish council’s is no exception. We have looked carefully at our expenditure and are very mindful of where the money goes, balancing between maintaining the services and facilities we already have, reinstating and improving where necessary whilst minimising the increase in precept.
Approval has also been given to Cambridgeshire ACRE, working with Cottenham Scouts, to make/install approx. 20 bird boxes at Fen Reeves Community Woodland – due to the trees being relatively young, there’s an absence of nesting places.