Joint statement following meeting with Anglian Water

Representatives from Cottenham Parish Council, and Cllrs Eileen Wilson and Neil Gough met with Anglian Water this morning to discuss the upcoming works in Cottenham.

We held a detailed discussion and expressed to Anglian Water the deep concerns raised with us by residents and businesses. They have agreed to review these concerns and provide us with a response by tomorrow evening. Representatives from Anglian Water will be in the village today and tomorrow to speak to residents on the High Street whose access to their properties will be directly affected by the closure and to businesses.

Although Anglian Water are reviewing suggestions put to them by us to minimise disruption, they have highlighted the urgency of the work; the section of sewer most at risk of failure is the part between Broad Lane and Rooks Street. Anglian Water have reviewed the use of other less disruptive methods and these are going to be used elsewhere on the project. However, the condition of the sewer between Broad Lane and Rook Street is so poor direct replacement is the only option. This will require the excavation of a 3m deep trench down the middle of the road and through the maze of existing services which lie above the sewer. During this work the sewage will have to be over pumped between adjacent manholes. Anglian Water have confirmed the only safe way of doing this is by implementing a full road closure for this section.

Anglian Water plan to deliver letters to all residents and businesses shortly, with the full details of the planned work. Once we have received an update from Anglian Water in response to the concerns raised, we put out a further update.

Cllr Peter Hewitt (Chair, CPC)
Cllr Eileen Wilson (SCDC)
Cllr Neil Gough (SCDC, CCC)

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