Local Highways Improvement scheme

The Highways Committee are considering options for a Local Highways Improvement Scheme funding application. These schemes are delivered by the County Council on a joint funded basis and applicants can apply for funding of up to either £25,000 for complex projects or £10,000 for non-complex projects, as a contribution to their scheme. The Parish Council would be expected to provide a minimum contribution of 10% towards the total scheme cost.

The Highways Committee are considering if any items on their four year strategy plan would be suitable for an application, but would also like to hear from residents if they have suggestions of Highways issues they feel need tackling within the village. For this round of funding, the Parish Council would be looking at applying towards a non-complex scheme.

Examples of non-complex projects include –

  • Parking restrictions, for example double or single yellow lines
  • Street lighting
  • Buffer zones.
  • Passive calming measures such as village gateways, signs and road markings
  • Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs, (MVAS)

Please note, CPC would not be able to apply for physical calming features for this round of funding, as these would come under a complex scheme, but they could be considered for future funding applications.

Please send your suggestions to the Assistant Clerk by Friday 24th November. Residents are also welcome to attend the Highways Committee meeting on 28th November 7.30pm at the Village Hall where this will be discussed.