Mrs Rosemary Dahlqvist

24 Leopold Walk, Cottenham CB24 8XS


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Committees & Working Parties

  • Community & Leisure Facilities Committee (CALF)


Rosemary moved with her husband to Cottenham village in January 2012, when they were expecting their first child. She is originally from Venezuela and relocated to the UK in June 2006. They learnt about Cottenham thanks to dear friends who lived here and whose children were attending the local school. Rosemary and Christian visited Cottenham several times over a couple of years and they liked what they saw. They felt this village was a great place to raise a family and decided to put down roots here. Their daughter is now 6 years old and currently attends the village primary school. 

Rosemary has always appreciated working where she feels she is doing something meaningful that affects and improves the lives of people, and has always been interested in and passionate about educational, cultural and development projects. 

She studied a combined BA/MA in Media and Communications in her home country, Venezuela. Later she mainly worked in communications and project management in the charity sector and the publishing industry. She also volunteered in charities dedicated to supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

Once she relocated to the UK she did work experience for over a year in two well known charities, Save the Children and Consortium for the Street Children.

Later on Rosemary spent over 5 years at the Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit (now part of the University of Cambridge) working as a Public Engagement and Communications/Research Information Officer, where she focused on science communications, public engagement and outreach.  Rosemary has also trained as a Learning Support Assistant, and has worked both as a Teaching Assistant and as an Early Years Educator.

Rosemary has been part of Cottenham Primary School PTCA Committee between 2016-2018, and is currently a volunteer. She also volunteers with Oakly Beavers, one of the village’s Scouts group, and is co-funder and secretary to the Association of Volunteers of the Venezuelan Community in Cambridge (VeneCam). 

Rosemary has extended family and dear friends living here in Cottenham, and feel very much part of this village. She feels privileged to live in a place characterised by a strong sense of belonging and tradition, yet so welcoming to those who decided to call Cottenham their home. 

Rosemary understands the importance of the parish council work on issues that truly matter and have an impact on us all (e.g. village planning, community safety, housing, street lighting, playing fields, community centres, etc.) and also understands that the job of your council is to represent the interests of the whole community.

She has seen how much how changed in such a small time, and she believes that as members of Cottenham village, we are co-responsible for its present and future. “Our village is constantly expanding.  Therefore it needs to be able to offer the best quality of life to those who have been living here their whole lives, as well as young families.  That’s why it is so important understanding the needs of different groups in the community, and bringing existing and new communities together. 

“I want our village to provide local people with local services that have less impact on the environment (a lower carbon footprinting) and promote a sense of belonging in the community and co-responsibility among us neighbours. And I believe that my background, experiences and desire to work for our village can positively contribute towards the parish council aims and mission