Neighbourhood Plan

May 2020 update

The Plan went to referendum on 6th May. It was voted for by 88% of residents and adopted by SCDC on 20th May. The Made Plan must now be taken into account when considering planning applications.

The Parish Council are looking forward to working in partnership with the SCDC Planning team to implement the Plans policies as Cottenham continues to grow and develop over the next decade.

January 2020 update

We have now prepared our post-examination draft Neighbourhood Development Plan.  This includes all of the changes recommended by our independent Neighbourhood Plan Examiner and we are waiting a date for the referendum.

CNP2020 Neighbourhood Plan 200206 v7.1

December 2019 update

The independent Examiner has sent us his final report in which, subject to a number of relatively small changes, he recommends that it is put to a referendum in the parish of Cottenham. We will now edit the Submission Plan to absorb his recommendations and South Cambridgeshire District Council will arrange the referendum, probably in February. If a majority of you vote for it, it will be a significant part of local decision-making on planning applications. Even now, some account will be taken of its endorsed policies.

The “referendum version” of the plan:

  • increases the protection offered to parts of our landscape, heritage assets, village character – from alterations and extensions to new build, and various green spaces around the village
  • extends the village’s development framework to acknowledge recent planning permissions, sets out some design criteria for the large sites and identifies several brownfield sites for housing
  • sets out the need for a new Medical Centre, Village Hall, Nursery and Supermarket alongside better sports facilities and extensions to the burial grounds
  • identifies some opportunities for increased employment both in and beyond the village boundary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to, or challenges its development over recent years.

Examiner’s Report Final 101219

September 2019 update

Cottenham’s Neighbourhood Plan is now fully in the hands of our Independent Examiner. Since the Regulation 16 consultation, our Working Group has reviewed all the comments received, responded to some requests for clarification from the Examiner and provided clearer versions of some of the maps. These are available on the South Cambs website at: The Examiner will digest all these over the next weeks and, hopefully, come back with recommendations on how the plan can be made acceptable for you to vote on at a referendum. He might require further consultation on some of it and could throw it out altogether but we hope not. Some of it is already being applied, as you may know.

June 2019 update

Andrew Ashcroft, our independent NP Examiner has asked a few routine clarification questions.

Our proposed time-table for response to the NP Examiner is:

  • End May – response to these clarification questions.
  • End June – response to the broader set of public representations agreed by Full Council

May 2019 update

The draft plan has been submitted and consultation representations received.

  • The plan, and all it supporting information, now go to our independent NP Examiner.
  • We will have an opportunity to comment on issues raised during the recent consultation.
  • A dialogue over the following 2 or 3 months should resolve any issues of clarification etc.
  • The main areas of debate are likely to be the housing need, position of the development framework and impact on Green Space and Sports provision.
  • His report should identify agreed changes that will allow the plan to go to a referendum.

January 2019 update

We are now ready to submit our Plan for independent consultation and examination.

CNP SV Basic Conditions 181231s

CNP2018 SubmissionPlan 181231s v5.0

CNP SV Consultation 181231sRedacted

These are the supplementary evidence documents:

AECOM Cottenham NP Heritage Assessment Report

AECOM Cottenham NP Housing Needs Assessment

AECOM Cottenham NP Site Assessment Report

CNP SV Evidence Paper E1 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E2 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E3 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E4 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E5 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E6 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E7 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E8 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E9 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E10 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E11 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E12 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E13 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E14 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E15 181231s

CNP SV Evidence Paper E16 181231s

CNP2017 dPS 170508 v2.1

CNP2017 dPS 171012 v3.1a

CNP2018 dPS 180615 v4.2

Cottenham NP SEA Environmental Report_V1.0_191018

Cottenham NP Survey Final Report (NPS) v4

Strategic Environmental Screening Determination Statement for Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan September 2018

December 2018 update

Here is one of the formal documents we will submit for examination; the “Consultation Statement” summarises how the plan has been developed and adapted following consultation with the community.

Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan SV Consultation 181220

The “screening opinion” on the possible environmental impact of the Pre-Submission Plan (v4.1).

Strategic Environmental Screening Determination Statement

The draft Submission Plan:

CNP2018 SP 181220 v5.0

Along with the “Neighbourhood Plan” itself and the “Consultation Statement” which describes how we developed it, this “Basic Conditions Statement” explains how the plan meets all the legal requirements.

CNP SV Basic Conditions 181231

Following the need to assess the draft plan for strategic environmental impact, here is AECOM’s independent assessment of the draft Submission Plan:

Cottenham NP SEA Environmental Report_V1.0_191018

You  are invited to comment on AECOM’s Environmental Report before Friday, 11th January 2019.

Please send your comments to:

  • either – Frank Morris, Cottenham Parish Council, Community Centre, 250A High Street, Cottenham, CB24 8RZ
  • or –

For completeness this is the full set of documents that will be submitted:

CNP SV Evidence Paper E1 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E2 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E3 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E4 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E5 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E6 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E7 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E8 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E9 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E10 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E11 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E12 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E13 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E14 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E15 181231

CNP SV Evidence Paper E16 181231

June 2018 update

It’s time to have your say in the Regulation 14 consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Comments must be received between 19th June until midnight on 7th August 2018.

You can download the full draft Plan here

You can comment via this link:

For other ways to access a hard copy of the Plan or to comment on it – including details of consultation events – see our home page.

A Neighbourhood Plan gives local people the power to agree a shared vision for their area. The plan can set out policies for the development and use of land covered by a Neighbourhood Area, and has formal weight in deciding future planning applications.

Parish Councils are not required to have a Neighbourhood Plan. Those who choose to have one can use it to propose additional development on top of the District Council’s Local Plan, but cannot propose less development.

May 2018 update
Following amends made primarily due to the permission for the County Council planning application we are now ready to go to Regulation 14 consultation. An agenda item has been tabled for our June Full Council meeting accordingly on whether to proceed.

February 2018 update
Following last year’s planning permissions and the ongoing threat from other developers we have published the latest version (v4.1) of the draft plan. It may not compete with “The Post” but it is worth a read, if only to criticise the maps.

It has gone for assessment of its impact on the environment and we will soon be looking for your comments.

BTW There’s also a stack of “NP Evidence Papers” as background to the plan.

CNP2018 dPS 180531 v4.2

December 2017 update
A lot of work has been going on to look at our housing needs.  This has included commissioning an independent report from AECOM.

AECOM Housing Needs Assessment
AECOM NP Site Assessment Report
AECOM NP Heritage Assessment Report

Work has also been taking place to look at specific areas:

Evidence E1 Housing 180207
Evidence E2 Brownfield sites 180207
Evidence E3 Rural Exceptions 180207
Evidence E4 Recreation Ground 180207
Evidence E5 Hall 180207
Evidence E6 Nursery 180207
Evidence E7 Medical Centre 180207
Evidence E8 Village Heritage and Character 180207
Evidence E9 NP Golden thread180207
Evidence E10 Burial Ground extension180207
Evidence E11 Drainage and Flooding 180207
Evidence E12 Design 180207
Evidence E13 Traffic and Transport 180207
Evidence E14 Community Transport 180207
Evidence E15 Play180207
Evidence E16 Surveys to Key Issues 180207

November 2017 update

Thank you to everyone who completed the mini consultation.  A summary report can be found below:

Summary Report with comments

The Plan has now been reviewed by an independent Planning Inspector and the working party are currently going through their comments as well as integrating the mini consultation results.  Later this month we will be meeting with the SCDC Planning team to discuss next steps.

October 2017 update

A lot has happened over the past few months which has resulted in the need to make several amendments to the plan.  We’ve been lucky enough to secure additional help from an Inspector via SCDC who has gone over the Plan in detail and made comments on areas that we now need to look at further.  As part of this we have now instigated a mini consultation based on just 7 key issues.  A copy of the consultation is below along with a summary + the latest version of the full draft Plan:

Consultation & Overview

Full Consultation Document

The closing date for returning consultation documents is midnight on 22nd October 2017.  All Cottenham residents over 16 can complete a form but name and postcode must be included to be considered valid.



Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation

We are now formally consulting on our pre-submission draft plan.  You are invited to comment via  When responding please include the paragraph or policy reference, your name and the postcode where you live.

Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Feedback form

This consultation will close on 30th June 2017.

We are hosting a serious of consultation events on 31st May and 13th June – 7.30pm in the Village Hall and 17th June – 10am in the Community Centre.  Please come along to meet with Councillors and give us your feedback.  There will be an additional chance to see us at the Fen Edge Festival on Saturday 24th June on the Village Green.

May 17 update:
Following the recent call for sites, these have now been included for formal independent assessment over the next few weeks. The summary below shows where they are. It is unlikely that more than two of these will be needed for housing development over the next 15 years, although we remain at risk of other unplanned development until we get our Neighbourhood Plan adopted. There’ll be some drop-in events, including the Annual Parish Meeting on 9th May at the Village Hall, over the next few weeks so you can discuss the plan with the NP team.


March 17 update:

An updated draft pre-submission version (v1.2) of the Neighbourhood Plan is now available.  It will be incrementally updated until ready for formal comment.

Draft pre-submission plan v1.2a

February 17 update:

A draft pre-submission of the Neighbourhood Plan is now available.  The Working Party are meeting again to tidy/review and refine the wording of some policies.  We will then look to commend a formal pre-submission consultation from around 6th March.

Pre-submission plan

December 16 update:

To help steer us into the last laps of the Neighbourhood Plan, we’ve identified twelve questions that probe around various aspects of the draft plan.

Each of the four information sheets below has several questions highlighted in red; those are the twelve questions on which we would like your views.

It would be really helpful if you can return your views on these questions by 12th December which will allow us to begin work on sharpening up the text and policies and adding better illustrations.

Q1: Amenities  Q2: Housing   Q3: Employment   Q5: Character    Feedback

October 16 update:

Here is a short-form version of the emerging draft Neighbourhood Plan. If you think there’s something missing or wrong at this top-level now is the time to tell us!


The longer (60+ page) versions are still being worked on but include more detail on how the objectives might be met, the evidence, and appendices which include how well the plan meets various legal conditions etc.

April 16 update:

We have now begun to set out options to close the gaps identified in the survey. Some are more radical than others; it may be that radical solutions are the only way to sort out our traffic and housing challenges.  We need your comments on the various options; do you have a preference or an alternative suggestion? We need to know.

Survey Options

Although not yet even a draft plan, the next stage will begin to convert the selected options into draft planning policies as a basis for the draft plan and further consultation.

March 16 update:

The survey results have now been collated by our consultants, Enventure Research, and were presented to Full Council on 1st March.   A copy of the presentation showing the key findings is below in addition to the full survey report.

NP Survey – Key Findings Presentation
NP Survey Report

We are now beginning the process of holding some workshops to look more closely at the findings and start to brainstorm ideas/challenges.

December 2015 update:

The survey will be going live online Thursday 10th December!  A hard copy of the survey will be sent to every property within our designated area along with a reply envelope to make the returning process easier (these will arrive w/c 14th December). As an incentive, for every form completed we will be donating 50p to a registered Cottenham charity of your choice from a list on the survey.  The deadline for completion will be 18th January 2016.  Enventure will be providing us with interim results with the first full results due around the middle of February.  The final report will be presented to full Council on Tuesday 1st March.  This will be followed up later in the month with a series of afternoon and evening workshops to explore the findings (particularly any ‘gaps’) in more depth.  Throughout April we’ll be looking at this data in more depth, with a few to further workshops if necessary.  In May the working party will be exploring the draft planning policies that will support implementation of the Plan.

November 2015 update:

We’ve appointed a consultant (Enventure) to work with us on the survey stage of the Plan.  The survey has been honed by the working party over the month and we’ve also been working on an advertising scheme.  Our target is to get 1500 surveys completed and have been working on an incentive.  We have various ‘ambassadors’ in the village who have been assisting and spreading the word for us.

October 2015 update:

The consultation for Cottenham is now live and running until 5pm on 30th October.

To view a copy of our application please click here

To view the proposed designated area please Click here

For more information and to comment please visit  The application for the proposed Neighbourhood Area can also be viewed at South Cambridgeshire Hall in Cambourne or at the Parish Office/village noticeboards.


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