NHS Test & Trace in Cambridgeshire


The NHS Test and Trace programme has been launched by the Government to track every single case of coronavirus in our communities to reduce the rate of infection and save lives.

The more people that use Test and Trace correctly, the more effective it will be at stopping the spread of the virus, the safer it will be for you and your loves ones and the quicker the lockdown measures can be lifted.

From now on, you are being asked to follow this three-step plan:

Step 1 – If you have one or more of the symptoms of coronavirus – a fever, a new continuous cough or a loss of taste or smell – you and the people you live with must immediately self-isolate. You must isolate for seven days and members of your household for 14 days.

Step 2 – You then must book a test on the NHS website and if you don’t have internet access dial 119. Do not leave home for any other reason. If you test positive, you will then be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service within 24 hours. If you test negative, you and members of your household no longer need to isolate.

Step 3 – If you do test positive, NHS Test and Trace will help you establish who you have been in contact with and might have infected. This could be members of your own household already isolating or someone you have had close contact, e.g. have been within two metres of for longer than 15 minutes.

You will also be given clinical advice and support for dealing with the virus. NHS Test and Trace will then contact those contacts anonymously. If you are one of those contacts, you will be advised to isolate for 14 days, even if you don’t have symptoms or feel perfectly well. If you develop symptoms, you will be required to get a test. Even if negative you will still have to self-isolate for 14 days. Your household doesn’t need to self-isolate with you, if you do not have symptoms, but they must take extra care to follow the guidance on social distancing and handwashing both inside and outside the home.

For further information please see: Test and trace in Cambridgeshire

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