October Full Council News Headlines

News headlines from a busy October Full Council meeting:
  • We have received a clean bill of health from our external auditor. Our thanks to Debbie, our Finance Officer, for her hard work in seeing us through this process.
  • We have agreed to purchase additional equipment for the Village Hall such as more tables, glasses and TV screen protectors.
  • A promising meeting has been held with the new Local Highways Officer; he is executing a plan to clear the backlog of maintenance jobs (see the Clerk report under the meeting report documents for more information).
  • Cyclic cleansing of gullies will be taking place between the 1st week of October and end of Jan 24.
  • County line marking team are currently focussed on refreshing mandatory markings (stop signs, double yellows etc) until April 24.
  • We will be having a new website and moving it to a .gov.uk domain, along with our emails.
  • The slide mound in the playground will be removed on Wednesday 11th Oct (subject to weather) in preparation for the installation works for the new play equipment which is scheduled for the following week.
  • Cllr Hannah Cook will be representing us to lay a Remembrance wreath at the event on 12th November.
  • The floodlights at the Rec will be put on a timer which as well as making it easier for football training, should allow longer use of the playground in the darker evenings.
  • Persimmon have finally confirmed (under duress from our Clerk!) that they own the ditch behind Woodlark Drive and Kingfisher Way; we will continue to press them to undertake the necessary maintenance.
  • We have received news that our grant application for ditch maintenance on Brenda Gautrey Way has been approved. All being well the clearance will be undertaken in late November.
  • WARG Field (off Histon Road) will be fully cut towards December when there will be less wildlife disruption; until then the rides will be cut wider.
  • The Clerk, grounds contractor and football clubs are working together on our Pitchpower application; it is hoped this will open up funding opportunities for improvements to the sports pitches at the Recreation Ground.
  • A plan to move the soil mound of field 1 at the Rec is being developed.
  • And lastly, something to look forward to, we’ve agreed use of the Village Green again to host the Fen Edge Festival in 2024!
Please see our website for full reports and the draft minutes. Our next meeting is on Tuesday 7th November at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. All welcome.