Proposed Histon Road closure

Most residents will already be aware of the proposed closure, by the Greater Cambridge Partnership, of Histon Road inbound to Cambridge and the likely disruption it will cause.

We think its impact has been under-estimated, especially while the A14 project is incomplete. Its value for money should be re-assessed and the project at least postponed and possibly cancelled in its present form.

We are proposing to ask the following question at the Greater Cambridge partnership Executive Board meeting on 3rd October:

“The Chairman seeks to put the following question, on behalf of the Cottenham Parish Council, to the GCP Executive Board when it meets on 3rd October 2019 to discuss the proposed works on Histon Road, Cambridge:

“Cottenham Parish Council is extremely concerned by the prospects of serious disruption to the residents of Cottenham and neighbouring villages, who rely on smooth operation of the B1049, as a result of the proposed extended roadworks on the Histon Road within Cambridge. We question whether the Greater Cambridge Partnership and its consultants have the authority, supporting evidence and relevant justification for such a disruptive project.

In particular, have:

  1. a) the authority and supporting evidence to undertake such an extensive project, closing the public highway for such a long time with disruption extending far beyond the city and district boundaries;
  2. b) consulted properly and recently on the social and economic ramifications of such an extensive project which affects expanding communities as far north as Wilburton, Haddenham and even Ely;
  3. c) taken those wider disbenefits into account when assessing the project’s value for public money;
  4. d) taken proper account of the existing and unco-ordinated disruption caused by:
  5. the A14 project, whose frequent and varying road closures and diversions already create significant disruption for those attempting to use or cross its path.
  6. the fragility of the A10, whose vulnerability frequently casts traffic westward onto the B1049 through Wilburton, Cottenham and Histon,
  7. ongoing roadworks on Cottenham’s southern arterial roads to upgrade our gas infrastructure and facilitate the delivery of over 500 new homes,
  8. the precarious state of the C190 which links Cottenham via Landbeach to the railway station at Waterbeach.
  9. e) taken proper account of the limited numbers of people able to take advantage of the cycle routes, whether because of ability, choice or distance,
  10. f) assessed properly the implications for travel-times on the Citi8 bus route,
  11. g) considered the societal implications for blue-light services served by Cottenham’s Fire station and ambulances delivering patients to Addenbrookes.

We request a moratorium on this project and others with a similarly wide geographic impact until the full social and economic implications have been properly assessed in consultation with the community and a true value for money appraisal has been published on a project that appears to have only minor benefits and massive dis-benefits.”



4 comments on “Proposed Histon Road closure

  1. I totally support you viewpoint. It is a shame His/Imp parish council are not as active and caring about their local residents as you are. Go for it.

  2. Thanks for this thorough submittal!

    There’s another wrinkle makign me wonder if Highways England talk to GCC: as the A14 works migrate east, the Milton Road roundabout will likely be worked on next, now that the Histon Road roundabout is finishing up? So not only does GCC plan on re-routing via A14 still w restrictions, but also they’ll do onto a roundabout with coming further restrictions.

    • It appears that they didn’t talk to each other and Highways England only knew about the proposals when they saw them in the news! Histon Road works now won’t commence until both the Histon and Milton A14 roundabout works are complete, around April next year.

      • OK thanks that’s great! (if one can say anything’s great…. I guess less terrible LOL)

        Reminds me of Churchill ““Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest.””

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