To see a copies of Policies and Publications for Cottenham, please click on the link below. NB: March 22 – this section is being updated.

Accessibility Statement

Action Plan 2022-23

CCTV Policy

Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct 2020

Communications Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Complaints policy

Co-Option Procedure Policy

Document retention policy

Donation, Grant and Loan Policy

Donations – application form

Equal Opportunities Policy

Finance Regulations – Oct 2019

Freedom of Information

Grievance and Disciplinary

Health and Safety statement

Internal Controls

IT and Communications policy

Legionella Management Policy – Pavilion

Model publication scheme

Organisation Chart

Parish plan 2004

Pavilion Fire Safety Policy

PAT Testing Policy

Privacy Notice

Risk Assessment (General) reviewed April 2022

Risk Assessment for Village Hall – general

Social Media guidance policy

Model Standing Orders 2022

Statement of Training

Training and development policy

Vexatious complainants policy