Rampton Road Safer Crossings

Cottenham Parish Council is working with Cambridgeshire County Highways to look at ways to improve safety for people crossing Rampton Road, and we would like to hear your views.

Specifically, we are looking at crossings taking place at or near the Persimmon estate access to Rampton Road, between nos. 83 and 85, heading to and from Lambs Lane and the primary school.

We are currently investigating two alternatives:  a school crossing patrol (‘lollipop person’) operating at the beginning and end of the primary school day during term-time, but with no service at other times; or a ‘build- out’/ chicane feature near the Persimmon site access, which slows the traffic and provides a safe place to stand to make a shorter road crossing, but does not give pedestrians priority. Installing a Zebra, Toucan or similar crossing is not feasible at this location, due to space constraints. A new Toucan crossing is being installed on Rampton Road near the allotment entrance.

The diagram below shows a conceptual view of the how the build-out might look. The exact design and location will be subject to a safety audit and full survey, but would be similar to that shown.

diagram showing a conceptual view of how the build-out might look.