Report on 20mph T&TWG meeting May 2019

The options for bringing in 20mph speed limits were discussed at a public meeting of the Parish Council’s Traffic & Transport Working Group on 20 May 2019. Many thanks to those who attended and contributed to the discussion – it is really useful to understand residents’ views for and against. The presentation can be downloaded here.

In the pipeline

Speed reduction measures are already in the pipeline for Histon and Rampton Roads. Features designed to reduce speeds of drivers entering Cottenham on Histon Road from the South include a 40mph buffer zone and making the beginning of the 30mph zone feel more like a village. On Rampton Road there will be a Toucan crossing to the west of the Lambs Lane junction, widening of the mini-roundabout and several speed cushions built later in 2019/early 2020.

20mph limit for Cottenham?

Essentially the introduction of 20mph limits are likely to be supported by CCC Highways and Cambridgeshire police where the average speed is already 24mph or less. If it is more than that, they will only support if there is traffic calming designed to bring the speed down to that average. The key issue is that the road must be ‘self-enforcing’ – where drivers would feel unsafe if exceeding 20mph. Extensive consultation with local residents and road users would be carried out before any introduction – including gauging views on the possible costs to the parish.

The first step would be to measure traffic speeds around the village to find out whether the averages are under/over the magic 24mph and the Parish Council will be asked next month to approve a budget for that work. Traffic surveys could take place later this year, when traffic has returned to ‘normal’ after the summer holiday. Depending on the results, a traffic engineer could be commissioned to propose possible traffic calming which could then be costed and the village consulted on whether they support it. Although in the past it has been assumed that residents as a whole would not support increases in the local precept (the Parish Council part of Council Tax) for things like this, times might have changed so that residents feel it would be a price worth paying to make the village safer to walk and cycle around – particularly for youngsters to travel safely to school and less mobile residents to feel safer on the pavements.

More news on this when the traffic surveys have been carried out and possible traffic calming proposed. Please come to the Parish Council stand at the Fen Edge Festival to discuss it further.


2 comments on “Report on 20mph T&TWG meeting May 2019

  1. I was unable to attend last nights meeting so what I say may well have been brought to the meeting already. (I have read the report but it doesn’t cover that discussion or ideas put forward). Cottenham has less traffic calming in place than other villages – our neighbour Oakington being the obvious one. There’s nothing in Lambs Lane despite the school, why? BUT with so many drivers using the village as a means to get to their destination, and even if one can slow down the traffic in the village, there is still a bigger problem. There needs to be a ring road around many of the local villages which will take traffic out of the villages altogether. It would then be possible to ban all traffic over a certain weight and put in such restrictive calming measures that 20 miles an hour speed restrictions would be easy to maintain, even with the idiot drivers that race through the village at the moment! All the villages locally need to partition the local council/highways or whoever is in charge as a united body. The sad reality is that nothing ever gets done until someone dies first !

  2. As I live on the High Street near Denmark Road junction I am concerned about traffic speed through the village and welcome initiatives to tackle the problems. 20MPH from Green End through to Church End makes good sense for all users of the thoroughfare. Hopefully I will get to the stall at FEF next month.

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