Flooding advice

The Parish Council has an emergency flood plan in place, with 2 Flood Officers – Cllrs Jonathan Graves and Christine Ward.  We have a very limited amount of flood equipment which we are able to issue to residents in an emergency situation. Please contact 07503 328401 or clerk@cottenhampc.org.uk.

Sandbags and other help

It is recommended that property owners or businesses at risk of flooding make their own arrangements of sandbags in advance of flooding. Residents can purchase empty sandbags and sand from builders merchants or DIY stores.  You may also find further help from SCDC. Depending upon the scale of the flooding around the district, their resources may be seriously stretched and supplies of sand bags may be limited and slow delivery timescales could be experienced. In an emergency situation, this service can be accessed from 8am to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday) by calling 03450 450 063.

You should take action to protect your own property as much as possible. This is especially important if you live in an area that has had issues around flooding in the past. Sand bags and other flood protection equipment can be obtained from a variety of companies within the U.K. Here are lists of some companies you may wish to contact for further information:

Flood Sense – info@floodsense.co.uk or 08081 972 753

Multi-flood Solutions – info@multifloodsolutions.co.uk or 01584 819233

There is no guarantee that any flood protection system will work and we do not endorse a particular product or supplier.

Further guidance is available on this free to download leaflet, which provides advice on a whole range of issues related to flooding and property protection: Flood Sense Flood Protection Guide

Road closures and diversions, and highways drainage system

The local authority highways organises road closures and diversion due to flooding. They also place flood warning signs on roads and clear blockages on highways drainage systems. You can contact 0345 045 5212 or the Police out of hours.

You can also report overflowing drains or gullies within the highway network. Any such flooding should be reported using the highways fault reporting service.

Report flooding from water pipes or sewers

Anglian Water Services covers most of the county for sewage and water supply. Cambridge Water supplies only water to Cambridge and some of the surrounding areas.

Report flooding in a garden/property:

Information taken from Cambridgeshire County Council website:

Use the link below to report issues such as external flooding to gardens or paths or to report that you have already experienced flooding within the living space of your home (not outbuildings). It may be possible to investigate the cause of flooding or offer advice.

This form is to report flooding within Cambridgeshire only and can be used to report flooding issues after an incident has occurred, it is not for use in an emergency situation.


National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum is a registered charity that provides support and advice to communities and individuals that have been flooded or are at risk of flooding


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  1. Hi thanks for info, Anglia Water and Cambridge Water Co. have web reporting for emergencies and non emergencies. Jonathan Graves toured the village, we had a nice chat w him on Beach Road, where the grass verge near Coolidge Garden intersection was flooded but not into houses. He was also checking Brenda Gautrey Way ditch that had needed clearing up recently. I learned a new word & some facts: IDB or Internal Drainage Board governs the drainage of ditches but not of villages that sit too high (mostly built on levees and eskers), and that village drainage pipes are ancient and likely damages by new builds.

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