Swift boxes

We are pleased to announce a major new housing development at the Recreation Ground but with a difference! This one will be for swifts, who are considered an endangered species. The eagle-eyed among you may have already noticed a small hole on the far gable end of the new Village Hall; this is a swift brick which is a specially designed home for swifts and other cavity-nesting birds. Swifts are colony birds so we are working with Action for Swifts to install a number of additional specially designed nesting boxes under the eaves on the Hall and Pavilion along with an attraction call system which should encourage them to their new homes. It is hoped to have these in situ for the new nesting season. Many thanks to Cottenham Environmental Audit Group for providing the impetus and much of the funding for this project.
You can find out more about Action for Swifts, including how to build your own swift box, at https://actionforswifts.blogspot.com/

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