Traffic and Transport update

Below is the latest update for the Traffic and Transport Working Group. The next Highways Committee meeting is 20th October 2020. If you are interested in traffic and transport issues in Cottenham why not sign up for updates from CPC’s Traffic and Transport Working Group? Contact Beth Fleetwood

Traffic and Transport Update

As always with highways issues it is frustrating how slowly things progress, not helped by COVID-related delays to highways projects. Nevertheless, there have been some developments in 2020.

Continuing to explore options for 20 mph in Cottenham

This has been on our agenda for a while but recent changes to the surrounding regulations mean that it may now be more viable – if felt to be desirable. To recap: the introduction of 20 mph limits is only likely to be supported by CCC Highways and Cambridgeshire police where the average speed is already 24 mph or less. If above 24 mph then expensive traffic calming measures would be required to bring the speed down to that average, which has in the past made the likely cost of introducing such a scheme impractically expensive. However, the regulations have changed so that roads with existing traffic calming measures are now assumed to have average speeds of 24 mph or less. It is not known at this stage whether the older traffic calming installed on the High Street in the ‘90s would be considered acceptable in this context. We also need to check traffic speed in the High St and Denmark Rd then assess a) whether Cottenham meets the new conditions for introducing a 20 mph zone and b) whether on balance this is desirable and if so, c) how to it could be funded. This will be discussed at the next CPC Highways Committee on 20th October.

Keeping our gullies clear

The surface water flooding experienced in some parts of the village in August 2020 has highlighted the need to keep the village’s road gullies and drains in good order to allow rain water to clear as rapidly as possible. Unfortunately, even properly working gullies and drains not be able to immediately clear intense rainfall such we’ve experienced recently and will temporarily lead to areas of standing water. However, we encourage residents to report gullies which are visibly blocked or have not cleared within a few hours – see below.

Reporting problems on roads around the village

The online reporting tool is a really easy to use system for reporting a wide range of problems in addition to flooding and blocked gullies – such as potholes, uneven pavements, street sign and street light problems, speeding and parking etc. Please use it!


Speedwatch has restarted after lockdown, thanks to the efforts of Richard May and about a dozen active volunteers. Sessions are usually held in the early mornings, mid-afternoons or early evenings. Histon Road before 7.30am normally yielding the highest proportion of speeding vehicles. Please email Richard if you would like to join the team. The regular presence of Speedwatch on our roads signals to residents and through-traffic that our community cares and that drivers need to watch their speed. Activity will decline with the darker mornings and evenings so we need to hold as many events as possible before the end of September.

Highways improvements around Cottenham

CPC obtained CCC Local Highways Improvement (LHI) funding for measures aimed to reduce the speed of cars approaching Cottenham from the South on Histon Road, including a 40mph buffer zone and additional road markings. Most of the work has been completed and we are waiting for a Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS) to be sited there. We have also applied to the next round of LHI funding for a similar scheme on Oakington Road, as well as additional posts around the village to allow us to site the MVAS in different locations. We will learn whether our application has made it to the next round, in the late autumn.

Assistant Clerk

As our new Assistant Clerk, Beth Fleetwood has taken on highways issues and liaises with the CCC Highways team to keep Cottenham on their radar. She can be contacted on 07490 459130 or via email between 9.30am-2.30pm weekdays.

Christine Ward

Chair of Highways Committee

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