Highways Committee

The Highways Committee meets 4 times a year and dates are published on our meeting calendar.

Terms of reference – Highways Committee

There are up to 7 + ex-officio members and the quorum is 3.

Current Members

Rex Collinson
Peter Hewitt (ex officio)
Tracy Hutchison (ex officio)
John Loveluck
Tim Jones (Chair)

Information on different traffic management approaches

Pros, cons, effectiveness and costs of different traffic management approaches are set out at: https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/residents/travel-roads-and-parking/roads-and-pathways/improving-your-local-highway/

We’re currently working on a four year strategy for Highways projects: Highways 4 year strategy (draft) This is currently not in a fully accessible format. If you have difficulties accessing it, or have any suggestions or comments please email the Assistant Clerk.

Agendas & Minutes

The next Highways committee meeting is on 14 June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. For copies of the previous minutes please click below.  NB: In accordance with Standing Order 9 the accuracy of minutes shall be confirmed by resolution at the next meeting.

Highways Agenda 14 June 2022 Highways Reports Pack 14 June 2022 Draft Minutes 14 June 2022

Highways Agenda 22 March 2022 Highways Reports Pack 22 March 2022 Draft Highways minutes 22 March 2022

Highways Agenda 25 January 2022 Highways Reports Pack 25 January 2022 Draft Highways Minutes 25 January 2022

Highways Agenda 16 September 2021 Highways Reports Pack 16 September 2021  Draft Highways Minutes 16 September 2021

Highways Agenda 23 March 2021 Highways Reports Pack 23 March 2021 Highways 4 year strategy 2021 v6 Draft Highways Minutes 23 March 2021

Highways Agenda 17 December 2020 Highways Reports Pack 17 December 2020 Draft Highways Minutes 17 December 2020

Highways Agenda 20th October 2020 Highways Reports Pack 20th October 2020Highways Minutes 20 October 20

Highways Agenda 28th July 2020  Highways Reports Pack 28th July 2020  Highways Minutes 28 July 20

Highways Agenda 21st April 2020  Highways Reports Pack 21st April 2020    Highways Minutes 21 April 20

Agenda 30th January 2020    Highways Reports Pack 30th January 2020 Minutes 30th Jan 2020

Agenda 22nd October 2019     Reports Pack 22nd October 2019        Minutes 22nd October 2019

Agenda 1st August 2019      Reports Pack 1st August 2019   Minutes 1st August 2019

Agenda 23rd April 2019     Reports Pack 23rd April 2019     Minutes 23rd April 2019

Agenda 15th January 2019    Reports Pack 15th January 2019

Agenda 26th July 2018          Reports Pack 26th July 2018        Minutes 26th July 2018

Agenda 22nd May 2018        Reports Pack 22nd May 2018       Minutes 22nd May

Agenda 27th March 2018      Reports Pack 27th March 2018    Minutes 27th March 2018

Agenda 18th January 2018    Reports Pack 18th January 2018   Minutes 18th January 2018

Agenda 28th November 2017    Reports Pack 28th Nov 2017    Minutes 28th November 2017

Agenda 26th September 2017   Reports Pack 26th Sept 2017   Minutes 26th September 2017

Agenda 25th July 2017    Reports Pack 25th July 2017    Minutes 25th July 2017

Agenda 23rd May 2017   Reports Pack 23rd May 2017  Minutes 23rd May 2017

Agenda 28th Mar 2017    Reports Pack 28th Mar 2017  Minutes 28th Mar 2017

Agenda 24th Jan 2017    Reports Pack 24th Jan 17    Minutes 24th Jan 2017

Agenda 8th Nov 16    Reports pack 8th Nov 16    Minutes 8th Nov 16

Agenda 13th Sept 16    Reports pack 13th Sept 16   Minutes 13th Sept 16

Agenda 14th June 2016     Reports Pack 14th June 2016     Minutes 14th June 2016

Agenda 12th April 16   Reports Pack 12th April 2016    Minutes 12th April 2016

Agenda 25th Feb 2016   Reports Pack 25th Feb 2016     Minutes 25th Feb 2016

Agenda 8th Dec 2015     Reports Pack 8th Dec 2015    Minutes 8th Dec 2015

Agenda 13th Oct 2015    Reports Pack 13th Oct 2015    Minutes 13th Oct 2015

Agenda 17th Sep 15     Reports Pack 17th Sep 15    Minutes 17th Sep 15

Agenda 11th Aug 15     Reports Pack 11 Aug 15     Minutes 11th Aug 15

Agenda 23rd June 15    Reports pack – June 15     Minutes 23rd June 15

Extra-Ordinary Agenda 18th May 15     Beach Road 30/40mph zone proposals   Minutes 18th May 15

Agenda 14th Apr 15     Reports pack – April 15   Quarterly Report Supp to Quarterly Report Supp to Annual HC Report – Minutes 14th Apr 15

Agenda 10th Feb 15     Reports pack – Feb 15    Minutes 10th Feb 15

Agenda 9th Dec 14     Minutes 9th Dec 14    Reports pack – Dec 14     Highways issues spreadsheet

Agenda 14th Oct 14    Minutes 14th Oct 14      Highways reports pack – Oct 14

Agenda 12th Aug 14   Minutes 12th Aug 14        Highways reports pack – August 14


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  1. The Beach Road buffer zone – safe walk to school scheme appears to have disappeared from any recent discussion, has this been dropped? if not when is it expected to be installed?

    • We are currently in talks with CCC however the timescales and costs keep changing. We hope to have an update from them soon and will continue to chase.

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