Traffic & Transport Working Group update

Here is an update on what has been happening since our meeting in May 2019. As always with highways issues it is frustrating how slowly things progress. The rate is determined largely by the speed at which Cambridgeshire Highways department is able to deliver agreed projects and costs can also be quite high. In addition, Cottenham Parish Council (CPC) has to consider value for money and avoid spending money on speed surveys where the vehicle pattern and road environment are likely to change in the short term (and public money would therefore be wasted).

Continuing to explore options for 20 mph in Cottenham

As discussed in May, the introduction of 20mph limits are only likely to be supported by CCC Highways and Cambridgeshire police where the average speed is already 24mph or less. If it is more than that, traffic calming measures will be required to bring the speed down to that average. If that were the case the parish would probably have to bear the cost and widespread consultation would be required to gauge support. In the meantime the Parish Council has agreed to pay for a traffic survey for Twenty Pence Road and to use our soon to be purchased MVAS (mobile vehicle-activated sign) to measure vehicle numbers and speeds on other roads. The MVAS measures traffic and speeds as well as acting as a speed reduction measure by displaying drivers’ speeds.

The latest thinking on various Cottenham roads is:

Road Action/comment
Histon Rd Speed reduction measures due to be installed later in 2019 as part of our successful LHI 2019 bid. The MVAS supplied as part of this scheme can be used for speed measurement elsewhere.
Rampton Rd Speed reduction measures due to be installed later in 2019 and after completion in 2020 the MVAS can be moved from Histon Rd to measure speed.
Beach Rd The recent heat damage to Beach Rd has possibly affected vehicle numbers and speeds and any speed survey should be conducted only after it is repaired. This is expected to be done by moving the MVAS from Histon Rd.
Oakington Rd There is currently considerable building work and proposed road modifications which are affecting traffic so any survey during this time would not be typical. The Parish Council plans to submit a “LHI2020” bid for funding to re-position the 30mph and introduce a 40mph buffer zone with traffic calming signage. If successful this will happen in 2020.
Twenty Pence Rd Speed survey authorised – to be conducted Sept/Oct 2019
Denmark Rd Traffic measurement could be conducted later in 2019 using MVAS from Histon Rd if we get additional MVAS sockets fitted to enable the trial.
High St Traffic measurement could be conducted later in 2019 using MVAS from Histon Rd if we get additional MVAS sockets fitted to enable the trial.

Consultation on Combined Authority Local Transport Plan

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CA) is asking residents for their views on their 200 page local transport plan – see It covers a wide area and an enormous range of issues but aims to bring good jobs within 30 minutes travel time but does it offer that option for residents of villages like Cottenham? Especially those who aren’t able or don’t want to cycle or depend on the flexibility of a private car? It would be valuable to have as many people from Cottenham respond and encourage the CA to take Cottenham’s needs into account.

You can respond via this link

Community Transport Service

CPC will shortly begin work on a proposal for a financially-sustainable Community Transport Service, complementary to existing and proposed public transport services in and around Cambridge. It may take the form of electric-powered buses from a hub at the new Village Hall during the rush hours which could work with the Combined Authority and bus operators etc. to provide an integrated service.


Speedwatch has been very active over the summer, thanks to the efforts of Richard May and about a dozen active volunteers. Sessions are usually held in the early mornings or evenings. Histon Road before 7.30am normally yielding the highest proportion of speeding vehicles. Please get in touch with Richard if you would like to join the team. The regular presence of Speedwatch on our roads signals to residents and through-traffic that our community cares and that drivers need to watch their speed. Activity will decline with the darker mornings and evenings so we need to hold as many events as possible before the end of September.

Sam and Beth

As many of you will know, Sam McManners has been on long term sick leave and we look forward to her return to work later this year. In the meantime, Beth Fleetwood has stepped in as Temporary Assistant Clerk and will be taking on highways issues. She can be contacted at 07490 459130 or between 9.30am-2.30pm weekdays.

If sufficient of you feel that it would be worth holding a meeting to discuss these latest developments please let us know by emailing

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